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The facilities and amenities have a part in making one’s community a remarkable and enjoyable one. At CAMELLA Cerritos CDO – everyone will have their own space for leisure and sports. There’s the clubhouse that can be utilized for special occasions or gatherings of families and love ones. Just spending few hours during weekends or holidays here can spell bonding times with families, relatives and neighbors. If one of the family members  is celebrating his or her birthday – you can always go and book the place for a memorable event. Remember, it is best to live in the moment and create memories. For kids and those young at heart – swimming pool is the best form of recreation. Kinds can enjoy swimming at their own pleasure – no need to go out of town to swim and relax. Engage and plan swimming parties among friends’ kids and bask in the sun while being closer to your home. What a relief to the parents!  A playground nearby can give the option for the active children – just in case they get too tired from swimming in the pool. Kids and children can spend hours just playing and parents will not be worried as they are just within the confines of the gated community. 

For the teenagers, adults and the not-so-young ones, there are more facilities waiting for you. The biking trails are for the bike-riding enthusiasts who want daily or weekly rounds of their favorite activity around the community. Fret not, as biking trails exist here so this is not too much of a concern. Another option is playing basketball games in the community’s   very own basketball court. Neighbors can even form groups or teams among themselves and be as playful, sporty and competitive. Have weekly tournaments to foster camaraderie and teamwork among the residents. This is best done during the summer season when the students are off from school.  Or if this is not to your liking, go ahead and play basketball on your own or with your own group, maybe some members of the family or classmates and friends.  

What are some of the popular landmarks within the proximity of this community?

  • If you want places of worship – there is Mt. Carmel Church Cathedral or an Iglesia ni Kristo Church.
  • For your daily food needs – you can either go to Carmen Market or Bulua Market. You have options where you want to go.
  • For emergency or hospital needs – Madonna and Child Hospital and JR Borja City Hospital are nearby so this is not a concern. 
  • For the students – many schools are along the community’s distance, namely:  Xavier University CIT, St. Mary’s Academy, Liceo de Cagayan University, Lourdes College and Xavier University ( both HS and College). You can choose to go at SM CDO or Gaisano Bulua if you need to buy something at the malls or just do some strolling and lounging around. 

Commuting to and from this community is easy and practical, too. You may ride public transportation from either Cogon Market or Carmen Market. Or if you have a private vehicle, you can pass through GAISANO Puerto.  Location is strategic, thus, no issues in going to and from this place. Accessibility to major thoroughfares will never be a problem. 

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